Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I made a copy of my test results and sent them to Doc # 1 with a letter. Saying shame shame on YOU ... and I am NOT coming back.

Well, if you know me or read this blog you know that finding a new house or building a new house has been tormenting us. This is not our dream house or even one step down from our dream house ... but we are so much alike in that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mindset. There's nothing WRONG with this house, why leave it? Why spend more money? What if the economy never gets better? What if we can't sell this one, and on and on ...

So I made a list the other day of 10 things we could do here that would make ME more comfortable and I feel like ALL of them would have to be done anyway to sell this house ...

and I made a list of furniture I either wanted or wanted to get rid of to make things more livable here ... cause really we need SPACE. Better closets, less bulky furniture ...

I presented my list to Conrad over Thanksgiving weekend. This weekend he finished two thing on the list already. He replaced our old toilet seats which had the paint worn off them (don't even ask ... ) and he tore out one closet and made it MUCH more useful with cubbies, etc ... it already freed up SO much room. He even agreed to my furniture requests.

He is a good husband and he listens to me and what I want/need. I am so lucky in that regard! Very selffless - that one.

So we agreed to do these things in this year coming up of 2010, we will find a builder we like. I think we like Westin. By this time next year we'll pick out a floorplan and start building ... this house will be better shape, we will be in great shape $ wise (I hope) and we'll be emotional prepared. Westin takes exisiting floorplans and let's you move things around and take thing outs ... it's a non-custom, custom house if that makes sense.

I LOVE this plan of ours!



Jess said...

So exciting! Sounds like a great plan!