Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back ...

Good evening!

We are back from Dallas/Greenville area - and had a fabulous Christmas. We're happy and warm in our house- doing laundry (which includes some new Dallas Cowboy apparel) and watching the Cowboy game. We ordered some pizza and I'm sucking down some virgin eggnog. YUM!

We had a great Christmas and hope you all did as well ... the New Year is always a time of cleaning and organzing (both at work and home) for me. I have been making lists and donation piles here at home ... and filing and organizing at work. It's such a great time to do that ... fresh start and all!

Conrad got me a KITCHENAID MIXER which I have wanted FOREVER. I am about to order the Kitchenaid recipe book from Amazon, which will tell me all the ways I am able to use it. He also got me a pearl necklace with matching bracelet and earrings ... Conrad got a spotting scope and a cigar store indian (3 feet tall) from me. Those were our big presents to each other.

On some sad news, a family that Conrad and his family know were killed Christmas Eve driving in the surprise ice/snow storm in Dallas that day. They hit a patch of black ice and hit two other cars head on. The man was a band director that knew Conrad's dad ... his wife was driving and died on the operating table ... and then her mother, who was 92, was with them and killed instantly. It was a very sad thing ... and made everyone pretty reflective this Christmas. So keep them in your prayers, if you will.

Here is to a quiet, relaxing, clean, organized New Year!



Lori York said...

So sorry to hear about that family! Kudos on the Kitchenaid!

Anonymous said...