Thursday, October 22, 2009


My friend Tracy from Arkansas popped into Houston tonight. We had a lovely visit and an awesome dinner. Here in this GIANT city, she happened to be working about 15 minutes away from me. It was so lucky that happened ... she could have been in Galveston, which on a weeknight, might as well be as far away as New Orleans.

Anyway she reminded me that I miss her so much and good friends are hard to come by. We have one of those friendships that seems to pick up right where it left off. Although it's never really LEFT OFF - we just don't live in the same town and we don't work together anymore. But she's one of those people that it doesn't seem to matter - she'll always be there and so will I.

Last year when I lost my "best friend" I really went around feeling bad for myself and being mad and hurt and confused ... but it has occured to me that you can have several close and best friends - and you shouldn't maybe put all your eggs in one basket.... and that the true ones are always there for you, no matter what - that love lasts forever, and slights can be forgiven and family is family. Tracy is family.

We have so much fun and she loves Conrad and we love her husband - it's all really good. A match made in heaven.

Loved seeing you Tracy! What a wonderful, unexpected treat.

I totally should have filmed you with my new videocamera!



Jess said...

So cute! And I totally agree, having several close friends is so important. I'm glad you got to spend time with this friend!

Tracy said...

It WAS a treat!! BobbyKing was jealous that I got to see you guys and he didn't...
Your home is beautiful, and more importantly I can tell it is a happy home.
Thanks again for letting me go with you to take Blanca to her vet appointment. She is SUCH a sweetie!