Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frugal, Frugal, Frugal

You may not know this about me, but my frugality stretches even into my closet.

This morning I got up and pulled out the sewing kit and started repairing perfectly good clothes that both Conrad and I have. Why throw them away? I fixed them in about an hour - and I watched tv while doing it. I bought some pants last year for $40 - and they are missing a button or two ... yesterday I found the same pants, on the clearance rack for $10 - I had them in my hand and finally debated and debated and said I can totally spend that $10 elsewhere - and so I put them back - came home and sewed my doggone buttons back on!

I have also been known to bleach the heck out of my dingy whites OR dye them a different color. i.e.- a white tank, now navy! I also re-dye my black clothes - because they tend to turn gray after awhile.

Got some favorite capris, but you're sick of them? Go by some fun buttons and sew them on the sides of the legs - as decoration. Same thing for a shirt. I find them at garage sales sometimes. Plain white shirt, plain white buttons- go buy some big shiny black ones, sew them on and BAM - new shirt!

I do stuff like that all the time. This week- I will be cleaning out the closets. Going through and getting rid of things that don't fit or are beyond repair and starting a stack to sell on Ebay. Brand name clothes sell like crazy on there ... and a stack of things for me to play with or "fix" ...

I got a sewing machine for our wedding, so now I'm envisioning tearing the arms off of stuff and making myself some tanks. I've seen picures of sweatshirts cut up the middle and turned into jackets.

The possibilities are endless. Be frugal and/or send your stuff to me! :)