Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday was .... a good Friday


Trying to get better about posting- although I feel like no one reads much anymore. :(

Yesterday was Good Friday and it was a holiday at work --- I don't have a ton of money right now- it went to some earlier endeavors- like a down payment on a vacation for later this year (YAY) --- so I really wasn't going to do much yesterday. Conrad had some boy errands to run like Home Depot which bores me to tears unless I'm looking for tile or light fixtures (he was going for Turf Builder and a water filter) - no thanks! ....

So I said you know I am going to take what little money I do have and go enjoy the tea room down in downtown Tomball. Conrad is always willing to go with me, but he usually ends up making a snack when he gets back home, it's just not enough food and not the right kind of food for him. Soup and sandwiches don't hold him. Yesterday the special was chicken/spinach enchiladas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their tortilla soup and pasta salad too - so that's what I had. DELISH.

I so love that place! Afterwards I left and wandered back towards my car and passed so many cute shops that I so wanted to go into but what's the point? No money! Just keep thinking MEXICO MEXICO --- there's a good reason you don't have any money! HA!

.... and as I passed the Bath Hut I saw they had free lotion samples outside. Just a big basket full of them. So I stuck my head into the shop and the lady said yes, they were free, to please take one. So I TOTALLY did and it smells SO GOOD!

It's not much you know, but it just fulfilled my need to leave with SOMETHING. I don't know why I get like that sometimes- I just need SOMETHING. Usually garage saling cheaply fulfills my need to get "stuff" but being Easter weekend, there won't be many ... so this worked.

YAY good Good Friday indeed!



Meg said...

I read your blog!!!