Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exploring Houston: Tomball German Festival

Two weeks ago, we decided to go to the German Festival in downtown Tomball. It was the 12th year, I've lived here for 6 - and I'd never been. I think most people go for the beer and food - but there are crafts and some entertainment too. It's actually a VERY popular festival and it's on a lot of Texas Festival websites, which is cool. They also have a German Christmas Festival in December which is supposed to be outstanding and a great place to find German ornaments and Christmas decorations, plus gifts! I can't wait to go this year!

The first thing we went for was the FOOD! Here is Conrad with his turkey leg. I had sausage. He later had a corndog and I had Frito pie. I've been doing GREAT with my eating plan- but I blew it at the festival and that's ok-  I was planning it!

I take the WORST pictures, but you know ... proof I was there!

We went by a salsa tent. The lady also had jellies, jams, relishes, etc --- and she asked me if I had ever had sauerkraut and I said NO - and she said well you are at the German festival, YOU MUST. So I did and Conrad captured the moment for us all.

DIDN'T love it
Ugh ... moving on ... when we would find a treat to eat, we would take it down to the picnic tables and eat. The tables were set up right by the petting farm. Conrad and a bunch of 4 year olds were enthrallled! Here are the baby potbelly pigs that we all thought were so super cute ... and their baby goat friends!

... and last, but not least - we enjoyed buying stuff for us! This was my giant bottle of Mexican vanilla (goodbye imitation!) ... and a loaf of hatch green chile/cheddar bread. The baker lady was there with all kinds of bread. It seems any kind you could possibly want!

Conrad and I both drive a long way for work ... and weekends are for doing nothing, or errands, if we absolutely have to. So I was thrilled to get out of the house for a few hours and do something different. We had such a good time. It's a very small festival, but so easy for us to get to. Parking was easy and I think we have the hang of it now- when to go, what time to go, etc ... and so we will for sure go to the event in December and this one again next year. SO MUCH FUN!

I've gone so far as going online to find a list of nearby festivals. I really want to start going to more. Such a great place for fun and great food- and unique gifts. I just really dig them right now.



Jonetta B said...

I am so glad you had a great time at the festival. Tomball is Texan for fun, make sure you come to the Rails and Tails festival on May 5th & 6th for more festival fun. Jonetta Barnett official videographer for the Tomball German Heritage festival.