Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Powder Room

We aren't even building yet, and I'm already decorating the new house. Oh well, at least it will cut down on moving day chaos.

I saw this bathroom earlier last week on the Sand & Sisal blog. I think it's a SUPER CUTE bathroom and we will have one powder room in the new house, downstairs. Easy for company to get to!

I am thinking of copying this bathroom, only making that blue stripe Aggie maroon. I'm going to hit up the Benjamin Knox gallery and get a couple of cute prints to add in there too. Conrad is of course pro-Aggie, but he's not OVERLY Aggie. The house isn't covered in it. Although if he would let me every wall in this house would be Cowboy blue and silver. SIGH - but I did not marry into such madness. I think though, he would approve of a classy Aggie room, small scale and I think this is just the place for it. Most everyone who ever visit us will go into this room. His degree would fit in too - but I don't think he'll agree to let me put it in the bathroom (there has to be a joke there somewhere), so thus, B Knox will have to help me out. The degree can go into his man room/office/cigar room.

ALSO, this frees up the new game room for Cowboy blue and silver baby! My friend told me that Lowe's now sells the actual PMS/pantone colors for collegiate and pro sports teams. I can see an all silver room with a ginormous blue stripe. I also want to get some of those fatheads too - a lifesize Tony Romo and Miles Austin looking down over me with love and affection. Mostly love. Love and money - a lot of LOVE AND MONEY for ME.