Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jamie Dish 1

Oh. My. Dog.

Jamie Dish # 1 = SUCCESS. I made the cheesy caulliflower and YUM. Even the veggie hater liked it. First of all, I got my Brown and Bubble set, in yellow, as you can see. Hello Lov-ah!

Second of all, this was truly not to be missed. Look how beautiful that is. It was SO easy too ... I can't wait to make something else Jamie wants to teach me. I did learn that I probably could have easily gotten away with frozen veggies, because cutting up a fresh cauliflower is not easy and it's messy. He called for cheddar and I decided to use aged Vermont white cheddar. SHUT UP that is something else!

I also learned how to use my food processor. Married close to three years and never pullled it out. But I did today because Jamie told me this is how you make topping. I  l listen to you Jamie. Whatever you want, love! Few spoonfuls of olive oil, four pieces of bread, a piece of raw bacon and a few springs of FRESH rosemary. Pulse, Pulse, Pulse and OMG - I could have rubbed those crumbs all over me. They were BEAUTIFUL and I am forever converted to fresh herbs - it smelled like you would not believe. You know what we're making this week? Foccia bread, baby!