Saturday, February 12, 2011

My New Boyfriend

Shhhhhhhhhhh ...... don't tell Conrad!
Just kidding ... he knows. I am in love. With my Keurig.

I had a Best Buy gift card left from Christmas and so I went out and got myself a new boy toy. I am SO excited. It just looks good, sitting there on my counter. I am so tired of going to other people's houses or restauants and having fabulous coffee, only to go home and make myself either sludge or coffee so weak it's like drinking Coors Light. (shudder) THOSE DAYS ARE OV-AH.

Not only that, but it came with a 12 pack of coffee samples so I can see which kinds I like. It also came with a coupon for two FREE boxes. I am in heaven. I am going to be jacked up from now til Easter. Conrad will have to peel me off the ceiling. I also bought the Universal K Cup, which means I can use my OWN coffee which I love too cause I got a lot for Christmas this year. HEAVEN.

Here, let's get a close up shot. These will be his head shot. This guy is going to be FAMOUS. Come to Mama.

Karyn "Keurig" Hopkins