Friday, October 22, 2010


I took today and Monday off.  Mental health days!

Today was productive. I washed ALL the clothes which will surprise and please Conrad. He does the laundry almost every weekend - so the fact he doesn't have to will make him happy. I EVEN went into the trunk of my car and dug out my winter coat to clean. Last winter I had a fight with a blueberry smoothie one morning and LOST. Thankfully my coat is black - but I had blueberry dripping from my nose ... it was EVERYWHERE. So I threw the coat in the trunk and there it has STAYED. Today I washed it - and I've got my super cute scarves out - waiting for our two weeks of Houston winter. I sprayed the entire thing down with Spray N' Wash and it tooks like everything came out. I don't like to dry clothes- it's terrible for your clothes - so it's hanging up to dry.... you guys know something bad has to be wrong with my clothes to get me to throw them away... I even bought some navy RIT dye the other day because I have some dingy white pants I'd like to dye. Nothing wrong with them except they are looking a little yellow. Soon I'll have new navy pants. I am totally living in the wrong century.

We are giving away our dining room table this weekend and getting another one, so I cleaned off all the crap on it this morning too ... so it will be ready for Conrad to take apart tonight. Hopefully I'll have some before and after pics soon.

By the time Monday rolls around, it will just be a movie and library book day.