Sunday, September 5, 2010

So it was a surprise party

That was the thing I haven't been able to talk about for MONTHS ... I am so glad it's over so now I can stop worrying every time I post something on Facebook or talk to the birthday boy!

So our high school buddy (from Dallas) lives here in Houston. He turned 35 today - and his wife planned him a surprise party and he really WAS surprised. You'd mostly expect this for 40, 50, 60 year old birthdays .... not 35 so I think he was completely caught off guard.

The fun part was the Lindsey's flew in from AL - old poker playing and church buddies .. and his dad and brothers were there, his best friend from high school, Bob (now lives in Michigan) and good friend from high school Candice who lives in Dallas - she came with her family. So he went on a fishing trip with his dad and bros for three days and all these people snuck in then.

Saturday was a fun day - Conrad and I went to breakfast with Bob. I haven't seen him since he flew in for our wedding 2.5 years ago --- then Bob and Conrad went to the gun range. They came back to our house and while we were catching up, Candice and her brood showed up at our house. It was a really good time! Then we went over there, had the surprise, the party itself was a lot of fun - and these two old people here (us) partied it up til 2 AM . WHOOP!

This morning we all drug ourselves out of bed feeling like 84 year olds - and went back over to Adrian's to tell Bob and the Lindsey's goodbye. They all decided they wanted to see the land Conrad and I bought for the new house- so we took a field trip over there and then hugged everyone goodbye on the street and separated from there.

We are a REALLY close high school group. I have no idea why  and I don't know many other ones that exist like that. We were good friends as kids and had each others backs as young adults and maybe it's not so easy to let that go. As good things happen in life with marriages and kids and jobs - you want to share it with your friends and we have always done that. We have people here in town with us and some as far away as Michigan and Ireland, but we still stay really close together and I am super proud of that. When Conrad and I met back up at one of these little reunions five years ago it was REALLY easy to start dating him. We had the same friends and we both knew they would have never approved the union if we weren't both really good people. It was easy to trust that.

So it was a super fun Labor Day and it was sort of sad to see everyone drive away this morning ... but it was so nice to have them all back for a day.