Sunday, September 12, 2010


About three years ago Conrad and I looked and fell in love with a house in Tomball, built by Plantation Homes. We loved it SO much we ran home and immediately and did our budget to see if we could afford it. We COULD - but it would have been hard especially if we had to hang on to this house for any period of time. I was honest with Conrad and told him I loved the house, but I really didn't want to have a house that caused us stress and we had the floor plans so we could always build it later. It had a lot of cool nooks and crannies and one of them was this cool small bedroom they had set up as a nursery. (It was a former model home, still set up as a model)

Back story is that for about a year I had been watching this one item in the Ballard Designs catalog. It was a giant safety pin that was $45 and I LOOOOOOOOVED it. But $45 ??? I don't even know why I am so drawn to it, probably because it's very different and I've never seen anything like it. So when we walked into this Plantation Home imagine my SHOCK when I walked into the nursery and saw my safety pin hanging on the wall. It was JUST as beautiful as I knew it would be, only for me I would have hung it in the laundry room ... the salesman noticed and said we if bought the house he guaranteed he would throw in the safety pin. LOL!

Well we decided not to get the house but since I had seen the pin in real life I decided $45 was worth it. I went online to order it and they didn't CARRY it anymore! HEARTBREAK! I looked on Google, Ebay, you name it ... I looked EVERYWHERE for my pin. Nothing ...

Well imagine my surprise this weekend when I logged on and it is BACK. Not only is it back, it's back in a set of THREE (including the original one) for $35. I am pulling the trigger on this one! I am ordering it today ... and I am so excited! It's on backorder until 11/21 but I do not care! I have waited three years for this!!!



Kelley @ Why Leave Well Enough Alone said...

Someone blogged about that set a week or so ago! I just love it. Good choice!

The Tomball Three said...

Thanks and I DID order it !!!