Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two for Two

I'm trying to get back into blogging. Forgive me. Life gets in the way.

Before Conrad's family came last week we ate NINE meals at home for dinner. Back to back to well ... you get the picture. Then they came, and there was a lot of eating out, as you do ... and it was hard to get back on the program. But back on it we are.

Last night I stopped off at the HEB Vintage Market. I was under the mistaken impression it was more expensive than the run of the mill Kroger or HEB but I was SO WRONG. HEB Central Market can be pricey but this place was REALLY reasonable and much better than the average market. They have a gorgeous bakery and a cheese section to make you cry, etc etc ... they also have a chef who sits there with a microphone and cooks in front of you (did you know this is how Rachel Ray started out) anyway ... she was making something called Agave Chicken. OH MY GAH. All I had to do was buy the Adams Reserve Jamaican Jerk seasoning and the bottle of Agave. First of all Adams Reserve is NICE STUFF. I don't know how much money will take or how long it will take but I fully intend to use up my spices I have and replace with the Adams Reserve. GOOD STUFF ... so I came home and I made the Agave Chicken. HEAVEN.

Tonight - I decided no more canned or bottled salad dressings for me. Except for ranch. Everyone should have a bottle or eleventy billion on hand of THAT - but the rest of it, I'll make. I made a homemade ceasar dressing which was surprisingly good (made with anchovy paste found at HEB Vintage!) and a homemade canadian bacon pizza. It was really great.

Two for two ...

Tomorrow I think is a eat out day - our friend Amy is town from MN this weekend and we have plans to take her to Bootsie's, the new star of Tomball cuisine - but back on the wagon Monday night. I am thinking either some Beddar Cheddar's (sausage links) or some jumbalaya with jalapeno sausage. Just don't know yet. But I am loving cooking right now.



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I absolutely love the HEB Vintage Park.. their prices are great!!!

I want to buy some of the truffle salt that they had on display in the chefs area... they made some mashed potatoes with it and it was divine. :)