Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Weekend

July 4th weekend was really nice.

I got off a little early on Friday and we headed to Greenville (little over an hour North of Dallas) and we drove through what I can only call a MONSOON. It took 6 HOURS to get where we could have been in 3 HOURS. It was a nail biting, fist clinching ride. Anyway, we arrived safe.

My friend Toni did me a huge favor and was able to take care of Blanca while we went to church on Sunday to see a musical program for the 4th. So we popped in on her and my sis on Friday night when we FINALLY got there  - we went to Love N War in Texas which is a great restaurant in Plano. Saturday was a great day that ended with fireworks and sparklers in Greenville and some GREAT fajitas.

Sunday was an early morning - church and then a drive home. I also got to meet Conrad's uncle for the first time. We have emailed back and forth for years, but never met face to face. It was such a nice day - his great aunt who is 91 !!!!!!!!!!!! also came out  - just the perfect day. The three of us completely crashed when we got home. Today was spent washing clothes and grocery shopping - and now we are just catching up on our TV programs and relaxing before heading back to workies tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.