Sunday, March 15, 2009

Results!- and the Pecos Grill

After a month at the gym, I think I am FINALLY seeing some results. I have these jogging pants I wear on the weekend and they are fitting different! I used to fill them out pretty well in the stomache and butt area. This weekend I realized that they slid right on- didn't have to stop that that "bump" on my tummy .... AND the fabric in the butt area wasn't tight anymore. You can totally pinch and lift it away. I know- SMALL thing, but it's something.

oh and a shoutout! ...we ate at a place in Tomball called the Pecos Grill ... on Friday. We go there not a LOT, but often. We went and had a fabulous time Friday night. The owner was changing out tables and moving things around and I ended up helping him out. He was putting two small tables together- which he did. The empty chair at our table was blocking one side of his two tables he was putting together - and so when he was putting the chairs back, he was lifting them over his head and then walking around the table. That seemed silly- so I took the empty chair at our table and just pushed it on the side of the tables he was putting together- both giving him one of OUR chairs AND also clearing out that aisle he needed to get by. He was REALLY appreciative for some reason and he ended up taking like $10 off our check. Can you believe that? It was really nice and unexpected. So I am totally giving this place a shoutout! If you're ever in Tomball ... they have great ceasar salads and burgers. YUM-O

So Pecos Grill- on Hwy 249 in Tomball