Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going Down

I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

About three months ago I was leaving work, walked into the parking garage and suddenly- was laying on the ground. I attribute it to the parking garage floor and my slippery shoes. The security guard and a coworker saw me go down. Still have the marks on my left leg from that one!

About two months ago I was walking in the Berry Hill Tamale parking lot with the same coworker and another one. I was looking down at my cell phone and suddenly, I was laying on the ground. Apparently I didn't see the curb and went DOWN - in front of my two coworkers who laughed so hard I thought they were going to throw up and a big group of businessmen. This fall was a little worse- my entire shoe filled up with blood.

Yesterday - Conrad and I dropped off my wedding ring for some repairs. Three of my princess cut diamonds were loose. I noticed some of them looked like they were moving last Thursday. I was right! So we dropped it off and then headed to Texas Land and Cattle for dinner. It was NOT a good dinner, by the way. I got the carne and enchiladas. The carne was Carn-GROSS.

We left there and headed to Lowe's. With all the kidnapping and murder going on these days - I asked Conrad to please install a motion activated light on the garage. I leave in the dark and sometimes I come home in the dark. We were walking into Lowe's and suddenly, I am on the doggone ground again. Right before you walk in, there are these two concrete rails on the ground painted a BRIGHT YELLOW (that you can't see at night) that hold the shopping carts. I didn't see it - and ended up on the ground, right inbetween them. Once again, my leg is injured - and now my wrist and elbow. This time it hurt BAD and I cried .... Conrad, thankfully, didn't.

I seem to be having some sort of a problem standing up. Pray for me.