Sunday, March 22, 2009


In the next few days I will be updating the blog. It needs a facelift of sorts. I'm bored with it, I'm bored with me, I guess ... but I'll be working on it in the next few days ... something light, something SPRING.

Our neighbor have returned, only to leave again. They were gone again last night. He STARTED to bark and then stopped. I hope they are back tonight. They really and truly ruined our entire week last week ... and then today the guy next door to them started shooting PAINT BALLS. It sounded like someone was shooting a gun. Conrad ran outside and confronted the guy and the guy said he was only shooting at his fence ... AKA the back of OUR fence. So later on, Conrad found three paintballs in our yard- so I guess the guy really WAS shooting at our house. I mean, not on purpose- but when you aim the gun towards us, a few are bound to cross over the fenceline.

I don't know WHAT is going on with the neighbors lately. They used to be so nice ... it's like it's all falling apart or something. We have loud ones on the end, the dog that never shuts up and now someone paintballing the house. It's never been more aparent we need to build a new house and move on.