Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Highlights

We had a good weekend.

First of all, Friday I joined a gym. The recession is taking it's toll on everyone, but in some ways, you can get valuable things for cheap! I got a full gym membership for $12 a month, no contract. First and last month's fees due at sign up, no sign up fee. I literally handed them $25 and walked away. SCORE! DEAL!

I worked out Saturday AND Sunday- light stuff ... just 30 minutes of cardio, but I feel really good. Sore, but in a good way. I also got two personal training sessions for free with sign up. I'm meeting up with "Big Al" on Tues and Friday of this week. Can't wait.

I also went out to the softball fields and watched one of my friend's daughters play. We had a GREAT dinner at Landry's ... then today we went bowling. Don't even ask- we were bad, but it was something different to do and then I came home and cooked.

I made the Rachel Ray meat sauce- for spaghetti ... no more Ragu for me! This was the real stuff- it was made with panchetta and ground beef. Onions, grated carrots and grated garlic. Then a pinch of allspice, salt, pepper and a little bit of red wine. Then crushed tomatoes. YUM. It tasted like a restaurant. I think next time I'll add a touch of sugar, but it was GOOD and easy and fast. Like I said, no more Ragu for me.

Well the rain is heading in, I have a doc appt in the morning and a week to get ready for. I'm signing out - happy week to all of you.



Jess said...

That's awesome! I am looking forward to living not in a major city so I can find more deals like that.