Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Two

I can not say my transition into health has been pleasant. This is day two after my first personal training session and I've completely lost the ability to use my arms. I can't lift them over my head or steer my car or do much of anything. I was almost trapped in the bathtub because I can't lift my body weight now with these arms and using my left knee (after the car accident) is impossible.

Anyway- tomorrow I am SUPER excited to be meeting up with the testosteroned fueled hellion straight from the firey depths.... we are working on "legs" ... it really doesn't sound all that fun at all. I can pretty much assure you it will ruin my weekend since I won't be able to walk.

It has also effected my dietary habits. I have begun cooking at home and (gasp!) bringing my lunch to work. I eye things like enchiladas and cinnamon toast warily because I know just one bite will negate 3 of the torturous 25 minutes I've spent on the Precor- exercise equipment from hell. I'm absolutely terrified a stray piece of cheese will somehow find it's way into my mouth and I'll have to start all over again.

It can go the other way too. Tonight Conrad wanted to go out- and so we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger this new diner place that opened up close by. Burgers, salads, fries, onion rings ... and their speciality is all the cool fountain drinks, egg creams and malts. We had dinner and then almost came to blows over a milkshake ... Conrad asked me if I wanted to split one and frankly, without the use of my arms, I was in a delicate state and I caved and said yes. But then we couldn't agree on what to get. I wanted marshmellow and raspberry and HE wanted chocolate? CHOCOLATE? There were 30 flavors to choose from AND you can mix them. He wanted dutch chocolate. I said no- I want raspberry ... "FRUIT" ... he sneered at me "is used in SMOOTHIES not MALTS" ... he got all snide and snippy so I said forget it, we're getting our own.

and THAT is how I was forced to ruin my diet and drink an entire milkshake alone. Marriage is a lonely place sometimes. :)

Don't worry- tomorrow night, Big Al- the trainer from Planet WhupAzz- will make me pay for it.