Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nostalic Part II

Yeah ...

So nostalic stuff is pretty cool. I like those stores you can go in that sell all things Ricky and Lucy - and Marilyn Monroe posters everywhere.... and isn't it exciting to think back to July 1969 when we had our first Moon Walk? GOOD TIMES!

I enjoy seeing Elizabeth Montgomery wiggle her nose and transport herself to 1600's Salem ... all super cute and who can forget my latest obsession? George Burns and Gracie Allen Show? That is some GOOD STUFF!

You know what's NOT fun or cute or good stuff? Driving to work on a chilly Wednesday morning. Tummy empty, eyes kind of tired, but pleased to be up and about. Enjoying the brisk air, listening to the radio and driving to work in relative peace. Because you are in your reflective and nostalgic mood you flip on to the Oldies station- hoping to catch some Beatles, or some Van Morrison or maybe the Doobie Brothers. They are ALWAYS uplifting. I kind of dig hearing 80's stuff sometimes too- Tears for Fears or Pat Benatar.

You know what kills the mood ENTIRELY? Hearing Hootie and the Blowfish come on, on the OLDIES Station and you're NOT old ... I went to their concert in 1996 for goodness sake. I still remember the idiots in front of me smoking pot. I remember everything. It wasn't THAT long ago. Suddenly I'm a middle aged woman driving to work, reliving her glory days.

CRAP. Since when did a 14 year old song become an OLDIE? Don't we need like I don't know 30 years for that or something ?????

I have a knee problem, brought upon by a wreck and Graves Disease brought on by God and my genes do I really have to be OLD now too????

Suddenly I'm no longer a young newlywed in Houston. I'm that crazy schnauzer lady that lives down the street ...
Old Lady K


Tracy said...


Welcome to my world. I will never forget the day that I hear DEF LEPPARD on the Classic Rock station!!!!

These radio stations need to learn how to do math. It takes 25 years to be qualified as classic.. So, I'm pretty sure to be an OLDIE it should have be at least 30 years.