Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rachael Ray: Love

I think I'm almost done with my Rachael Ray utensil collection! I MAY still get the spatulas, but only if I find them on sale, or have a coupon.

For Christmas I got the lazy spoon set from my Mom and Brian.

I used them last night - since it's the NFL playoffs, I thought I would do football food - so I made chili and turned it into Frito Pie last night. I used the lazy ladel and it was GREAT. Best ladel I've ever had. SO happy to finally have this set!

Then after Christmas, I bought myself the set I might have asked for (can't remember) and didn't get. It's usually $30 but I found it for $19.99 and free shipping on Amazon. So I went ahead and bought myself the Rachael Ray bamboo set. It's SO pretty when you see her cooking with them on TV. I love the three different colored woods - I think they're beautiful. I just had to see for myself!

They came in on Friday afternoon - and they did not disappoint! They are beautiful. I used the spatula looking one to cook the chili last night. It's GREAT. Best wooden utensils I've ever had. I'm so happy I decided to get myself a set and so happy I saved $10. That just makes them that much more lovely to me.

So, I MAY one day buy these:

I'm just not sure yet - cause the wooden one is a great spatula too. I'll let you know! For now, I am happy .... cause I also got the spoonulas for Christmas and they do a nice job too, although I don't think I could flip a pancake with them.

I only cook pancakes once a year - so no biggie there!

LOVE Rachael Ray cookware!