Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh, Oh, Oh - I'm on Fire (Johnny Cash?)

I headed out Tuesday night to get a pizza. The Sugar Bowl was on, it was the first day back to work and cooking made me feel like crying. Our favorite pizza place had been closed for days - and so I decided to run out and grab a pie.

As I got to the intersection where I turn, I notice the car next to me APPEARED to be on fire. The backseat was full of smoke and while I was contemplating, the driver lept out- and ran over to the other side of the street and ducked back down behind the brick wall by CVS. I didn't blame him - I was thinking at any minute that car was going to blow! I inched up closer to the light and away from the car and finally was able to pull forward and go.

I went down a 1/4 mile - was in Vito's like a minute and a half and went back the 1/4 miles to the intersection, where I was greeted with this:

You can see the empty space to theright of the car ... that was where I was at just a mere 3 minutes before ... That dog gone thing had erupted in flames! By the time I got back around to it- the doors were open, things were melting and dripping out of the car and I could hear little explosions like fireworks- which I think MAY have been the gastank. I could NOT get through that light and away from it fast enough.

AMAZING how fast a car can burn. We drove back by it last night when we went to dinner with a friend and there were black scorch marks on the pavement.

GEE, makes me think twice about parking lot cars in garages!