Monday, September 19, 2011

Toad in a Hole

I first saw these on the Pioneer Woman's website ... years ago and I make them once in awhile.

I don't know if you know, but she now has her own cooking show on the Food Network. It's been playing on Saturday mornings - although they have only filmed 6 shows, and I think this weekend will be the 6th one. I don't know if she is filming more. I think she's on the fence!

Anyway - I made these again this weekend. SO quick, SO easy and SO delicious. Conrad loves them too. While I had these going, I was cooking up a few pieces of bacon I needed to get rid of, in the oven. (on a sheet tray, 400 degrees, 20 minutes)

Back to the Toads!

You just ... get yourself a skillet, turn it on low/medium heat - toss in about a tablespoon of butter .... and let it melt. Get a piece of bread and cut out a hole (with a glass or biscuit cutter) 

***YES I own a set of biscuit cutters and NO I am not 80 years old. It's an essential part of a southern kitchen! ****

Then you drop both of these guys into the skillet and let them brown on one side. I think it'll take 60-90 seconds. Then flip them over. When you do, they will be crusty brown and BUTTERY --- and at that point you crack in your egg and put him in the hole!

Ok and then - you just sort of let it sit there a bit and cook on the bottom. You need it to be NOT raw on the bottom when you flip it. It takes a few minutes which sounds like a lot with an egg, but if you're on low to a low-medium, you'll be ok.

Then you flip it and let the yolk sort of cook a little- a few seconds ... but not much. I like mine runny!

These are SO good. Two WAY fills me up!

Happy fall breakfasting!  - and sorry to gross you out, Kelley. I know you hate eggs.


P.S. The little hole you cut out, is just a delicious, buttery lovely snack ... that I use to sop up my eggs. It doesn't go back in the hole or anything!