Monday, September 26, 2011

Horse Pics

You know I love that new store I stumbled upon, RND Rustics. I actually found out it's not that new. It's been there awhile!

They have the CUTEST stuff and most of it is reasonably priced. Actually I'm sure ALL of it is reasonably priced, there are just some things I don't want to pay a ton of money for. I can see paying for a leather sofa, but pictures, not so much.

I saw these two horse pics and I fell in LURVE. They are so different, they are also $80 each. ACK!

More horsey- happiness ...

I love them, I do. But the more I think about it ... I think I can do that myself. I think I can go to Hobby Lobby and get some canvases - probably take some newspaper articles and copy them on a copier ... and then dip that paper into tea to stain it or into like a very diluted food coloring or something ... then find a horsey pic and put that on top of it ... I don't know. I'm still playing with it in my mind.

I just love that it's not the normal, horses in the old west, with a cowboy on top of them thing. These are really fresh looking and I love that turquoise! They would be pretty for the new house.