Thursday, December 16, 2010


Secret Santa is upon us ... and it gets harder and harder to think of cool things every year. We have three days of presents and a $30 limit. Every year I sort of try to do some crafts or something and keep the budget down.

This year I drew the name of a girl who likes to "garden and cook" ... ok, well that should be easy! ... and since it's winter there aren't a ton of plants available ... so I went deep into the abyss of my brain and came up with ... chalkboard pots!

I started off with regular terra cota pots .... at Home Depot, like 94 cents each.

Then I painted the RIMS ONLY in chalkboard paint - so that whatever she puts in the pot ... she can label it there. Chalkboard paint is SO COOL - I love it. I want to cover everything in the house with chalkboard. It is just the neatest thing. You do two coats- one horizonal, then let it dry, then vertical, then dry ... and 24 hours later, you can write in chalk.

Then after I was done, they looked a little plain - so I painted the body of the pots, white ... SUPER CUTE.

Then I stuffed each one with green tissue paper (grass), labled each pot: basil, rosemary, cilantro, dill - and then I put a seed packet of each of those things in there. I took three pieces of chalk and wrapped it in a black & white ribbon - and it was SO CUTE ... THEN I forgot to take a pic and gave it to her today, LOL  ... and I can't believe I did that but I thought this was SO CUTE.

She LOVED it.