Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I just got lucky!

For WEEKS anytime I get out of my car - after a long drive- like to work, I smell burning. At first it was just a hint and I thought hmmmm... something weird in the air. I'd go to lunch (short drive) and nothing. I'd drive home, weird smell ... weekend comes, run up to the library or somewhere close, no smell.

Yesterday it got BAD. So bad Conrad came out and smelled it too. I popped the hood- nothing leaking. I finally said well I bet it's the back brakes. I have been expecting them to go and right after Christmas (money's tight!) ....... lovely.

Today it was even WORSE so I stopped at Kwik Kar on the way home to get them to check it out. My heart was in my throat waiting for Steve to get back with my keys. He came back in .... transmission? oil leak? back brakes shot? alternator? OMG- is my engine ok ????? ........

"ma'am? you ran over a plastic bag"
" a plastic bag, on your exhaust. a big one"
"a PLASTIC bag????"
"Yes, it's melted ... I pulled it off and chipped away at it's melted all over the exhaust ... and there is a tiny bit left. You may have a residual smell for a few days"
"OMG, thank you ... what do I owe you?"

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Man did I get lucky and I LOVE that Kwik Kar!