Sunday, March 7, 2010

Something New: Crawfish

Sorry I've been MIA. Sometimes after staring at a computer all day the last thing I want to do is come home and do it. So I sort of swore off the computer last week. It's good to be back!

So besides last year when everyone was trying to save money, our company has an annual crawfish boil and can I just say ICK ICK. The term around these parts is "Mud Bug" and I don't eat bugs. But I go every year- they have brisket and chips/hot sauce and of course I can hang out with all my friends in a casual setting ... so I always go and it's a pretty good time.

Conrad loves it- because he loves crawfish, they are expensive and frankly not the easiest thing to cook. I dated a Cajun for a few years, several years back - and God forgive you for being such a JERK- so I saw the crawfish cooking process up close and personal every year. It's gross.

This year, I told Conrad I needed to at least try it and so, yesterday - for my something new- I totally did. I would never ever peel these suckers cause ICK, but Conrad peeled one for me and I ate it. It was surprisingly NOT BAD. I don't think I'd ever sit down and order crawfish enchiladas anywhere - and I certainly would never stand over a table peeling them and sucking the heads - another attractive thing the c-fish eaters do- but it wasn't half bad and I would not run screaming from them as I have in years past. It was actually decent.

I'm glad I tried it. Now when people ask if I eat them I can say no, not really but I've tried them and they are pretty good. Still, if calories are at stake, I'd way rather have a plate of nachos or some chicken wings or something!



Anonymous said...

So hold up -- had you not tried crawfish PERIOD? You haven't lived until you've had crawfish enchiladas from Jalapeno's... too bad they tore the place down to build those fancy apartments off of Westheimer and Kirby...

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