Friday, February 5, 2010

Keepin' It Real, Yo!

I have been watching a lot of Dr Oz and Oprah and listening to Oprah Radio. I am SO not an Oprah addict it just seems that way lately.

Anyway I had been researching this for awhile- since my first Doc who SUCKED told me I had Pre-Diabetes. I went to a GOOD doc who did the actual tests and determined I did not. But regardless I started wondering what's the big deal with it anyway? And oh boy ... I know some of you have it and I know you are controlling it with meds and lifestyle and I think that's the bees knees! But if you can avoid it, you should. The way Doc Oz explained it, its like .... glass shards going up and down your veins punching holes and as your body rushes to repair the damage and heal up the holes with scar tissues, your arteries start to harden (which is the actual scar tissue) and also, the white blood cells just give up- which is what causes the infections and amputations. Bad stuff, peeps! Also if you are a woman, your waist should not be larger than 35 inches or you are a candidate. I know, a lot of us have that prob too. Bob Greene - Oprah's crazy exercise guru says 30 minutes of exercise, any exercise a day helps with this. I have come to realize this means treadmill, or an exercise tape, or the Wii or chasing Blanca in the yard. I am going to be committed to doing this. I don't want to be sick!

Conrad and I have a badminton set and I am actually VERY good at it. The last I played, I played with my dad and siblings ("prison rules" version which means anything goes) and my dad and I wasted the competition. Prison rules means it's normally things that are considered cheating, it's also playing dirty and a lot of taunting and calling people names ... perhaps some Chinese water torture - it's really the only way to play and according to Conrad, the Abercrombie's play ALL games via prison rules ... What'evs. For our home game we will just have to do a sweep in the yard for Blanca's special presents cause Conrad can cuss a blue streak when his foot finds one! LOL

Also, I am going to try REALLY hard to cut out processed foods and learn to cook. I will not be able to 100% do this- cause I love me some Hamburger Helper and I love Company's Coming and Homemade Gourmet and all that - but I can IMPROVE things. I've been cooking for the past six days - all natural stuff ... no processed things. I even went so far as to mix up some mexican rice last night myself- it wasn't from a box. I'm going to be trying REALLY hard to get better at this! I made fajitas last night and added lime juice while they were cooking. It really did something to them! I'm still going to eat out, just trying to get better at it ... and increase my water intake, etc ... I've bought some ground turkey and made an EXCELLENT meatloaf with it the other day. Just small changes I think I can make ... the rule IS - if your great grandmother would not know what it is ... DON'T EAT IT! Would she know roast, veggies, spaghetti, meatloaf, buttermilk pie - YES. Would she know Chef Boyardee, frozen pizza, hamburger helper, boxed rices, eggrolls ... NO. So eat those things in moderation!

I've said it all before of course ... we all have, but that show yesterday on Oprah scared me and he finally illustrated just what Diabetes was and it freaked me out! I don't want glass shards in my trashcan much less my veins!



Lori York said...

If you are a member of a gym, see if they have a Zumba or a Groove class. Those are really fun work-outs.
I wish my gym had Groove everyday at 5:30, I would be there. But alas, I settle for the elliptical.