Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Monday and a Traffic JAM!

I got up this morning and drove to Winnie, Texas to meet my friend Lori, for the First Monday Flea Market. I love it- it's not as large as the one in Canton, but perfect for an hour and a half drive- a few hours walking around and then a yummy lunch at Al T's Cajun Restaurant!

I never buy too much - but I did get two candles and a couple jars of this awesome hot sauce. First Monday is fun for walking around and maybe a funnel cake or roasted corn. It was so nice to get to spend time with Lori and we had some good talks- and the day was a perfect 60 degrees!

After I left and headed home, about twenty minutes down I-10 I came upon a fatality traffic accident. It was two 18 wheelers (one burning) and car stuck inbetween. I stopped at 12:36 and the next time my car moved? 4:20! It was QUITE a day. I always travel with a book, so I did have entertainment and I met some nice people who were out walking around like me - I am just grateful I wasn't caught in the actual wreck, had plenty of gas, a book and a belly full of red beans and rice! I was about two miles from the accident and that was LUCKY cause the backup stretched all the way back to Beaumont- well over 30 miles!

When I got home - I just needed a few things to make it all better ... a bubblebath, a book, a beer and a candle. LOL!



Lori York said...

I had a great day too! Enjoyed my Burnt Orange Salsa and a glass of wine! Now it's time for bed!