Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's Up, Doc?

Ok, sorry there have been no updates. I've been busy!

So I saw the new doc. LOVE HIM. He spent ONE WHOLE HOUR with me !!!!

First of all, yeah, you should never take medicine for a condition you do not have. Since I do not have Type 2 Diabetes, if I had taken the Byetta, there's a good chance I would have become hypoglycemic ... which is so scary. I can't even imagine ... GIVING myself something I don't really have ... how IRRESPONSIBLE was my doctor?!

Second of all, new doc doubts very much I am pre-diabetic. He said that is the new trendy buzz word in endocronology and it's very irritating. He said most endocronologists deal with overweight patients- because some people who have diabetes or lupus or hypothyroidism ARE overweight. He said sadly, some of the docs have decided to run fat clinics. You can make a LOT of money if you can start offering that side service to people.

Look I WANT to be skinny and cute again - but mostly I want to be healthy. I don't WANT diabetes and breast cancer and heart disease. By losing weight I can greatly slash my chances of getting those diseases. The first two don't run in my family - so my weight going down will almost guarantee I don't get them and disease number 3- well, losing weights helps that 100% !

Doc # 2 told me also that since I was very very HYPERthryoid at one time, and so that triggers something in your hormones and brain to eat eat eat ... and I did! When I first got sick I could eat and eat and I lost 22 lbs! He said well, once we fixed your thyroid - we didn't fix that center in your brain that says HEY - I'm full! He said my blood levels are good - so really ... the only thing keeping me fat is ME - and my brain ... made SO MUCH sense! It's not that I'm a lazy slug who stuffs herself all day - there's something in my brain that tells me I am constantly hungry ... and when you eat larger portions, it's very hard to get motivated to find a treadmill. I really don't snack ... but we do eat out a lot and the portions are way out of control at restaurants ...

Most likely he is going to put me on Metformin, which does reduce appetite. If that can helpe me dump you know, 20 lbs - I should be more energetic for the workouts and as mentioned before, the appetite will be greatly reduced. But he will only do this for a little while. It's not a fix, there is NO fix except diet and exercise. This is a BOOST ...

He also ran all the tests I need to see if I am pre-diabetic but he said he would be shocked if I was. He said you have to run three tests - my old doc ran ONE and it wasn't even a fasting test. The results from that test, if I had been pre-disabetic would have been 101-125 and my level was 93 back in March ... without fasting. New doc said he is also going to run a test to give him a two week average of my blood sugar ... but he said he thinks I'm fine. I should know in a week.

I am SO angry at doc # 1 who clearly doesn't care much for me ... I am about to write him a letter and fire him offically and I asked doc # 2 - Dr Wilson if he would please take me on as a thyroid patient. He happily accepted.

I did ask him, as well, about Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome - because it's all hormonal to. He asked me if I had facial hair or chest hair and after I stopped snorting and laughing, I told him no- most assuredly not. I might have some extra pounds but I've always had great skin and a decent face - I don't have to SHAVE! He said well ... we can certainly run some sonograms ... and I said woah woah woah - I don't ... I don't want to do all that. He asked if Conrad and I were having some trouble conceiving ... and again. after I stopped laughing and rolling my eyes I said um, yes ... thank GOD. I don't want children ... he raised his eyebrows and said why and I said I don't know - i don't care for them. He grinned and said he didn't either. A kindred spirit! .... and I said look, i don't need the ovaries to WORK not for their intended purpose - if they produce hormones or whatever and you're concerned about it, then ok ... but if you mean do I want them to work so I can fill Conrad's house with children, then I'm good ... let's just .. let them go and he said ok, if they ever cause pain, etc - we'll check it out.

Thanks to Kelley who helped me question it and I now fully support and ENCOURAGE second opinions!

As soon as I get my results, I will post them!



Lori York said...

You need to write a letter to the American Doctors Association, or whatever...although, with the Obama Care Health Plan getting passed (Senate agreed to put it on the floor)all the good docs will more than likely seek jobs elsewhere and we will end up with these quacks...

And, AHEM, you don't care for them? Present company's child excluded, right? It would break little Charlie's heart to hear such a thing! ;)

Jess said...

Yay! So glad you like this doctor better. He sounds much more competent. And it sounds like you are pretty healthy. Glad to hear it!