Friday, April 23, 2010

Best CVS Trip EVER

When I had strep a few months ago, I earned two $25 giftcards for CVS for NEW PRESCRIPTIONS. I swear I don't know how CVS stays in business.

Anyway this evening I needed to get another prescript filled and decided to use up some coupons I had that were expiring 4/30. So I went and filled my prescrip and it gave me $7 in extra care bucks WHOOP.

I got 2 bottles of Nivia body soap (EXPENSIVE), a 24 ct BC Powder, some lavender petrol jelly, some Tylenol PM and a Diet Coke.

It rang up at $30 which is RIDICULOUS. With all my coupons I got it down to $13 and used one of my $25 gift cards and yep, didn't use all of is. Still $12 left on it.

There is NOTHING better than FREE!


and P.S. I absolutely love BC Powder. Maybe it's my backwoods South Carolina blood but nothing seems to work for me like this stuff. :) It was a major score tonight!


Laurie ( said...

I love CVS for that reason... I usually buy all of my makeup there so I don't have to pay out the wazoo for it!
I've never tried the headache powder.. I"ll have to keep that in mind! :)

Anonymous said...

how do u do?