Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We are back from a whirlwind trip to Greenville- an hour outside of Dallas. Conrad's sister, husband and family are moving to El Paso this Friday. So we needed to go in and see them off and help them pack up- if we could- etc ...

Blanca CRACKS ME UP. She loves to go on these trips - she really really loves little Kamden, our 4 year old nephew. I don't know if it's because for so long they were the exact same size, looking eye to eye or what ... but she loves to go. We get her all piled up in the car and she dances around with excitement. I laugh at her because I always put her bed in the car and she is able to sleep there and back .... on Saturday afternoon she and I both laid down and took a nap. She slept ALL Saturday night ... and on Sunday we left around ... 11 or so. We went to Conrad's grandmother's house and dropped B off so we could do a quick family lunch. B couldn't stay in the hot car! So she got a BIG giant comfy bed at Grandma's house for 2 hours ... and then she slept all the way home. She would wake up once in awhile to come to me for snacks or water. SPOILED.

BOY HOWDY if I could fit MY bed in the back of the car- I would have slept to and from Dallas too. So ... my question is WHY IS SHE SO TIRED?

This was her on Sunday night. Just tuckered clean out. I took Monday off - so all day Monday she laid on the couch and NEVER moved. She slept, she snored, she was OUT. ALL DAY.

It usually takes her 2-3 days to get back to normal when we go on a trip. She is so funny - but also this picture is just so precious. She is such a sweet baby, when sleeping !!