Friday, April 29, 2011


Ok - so Monday morning we were up bright and early - around 5:15. We were at the surgery center by 6 and I was just filling out paperwork. I held it together pretty well. At about 6:30 the nurse came to get me just for prep. I was weighed (I have lost 11 lbs), and they went over my EKG and bloodwork results (all great they said), I had to change, they put in the IV, I put on the bloodclot stockings and they let Conrad come on back. My doctor was ONE HOUR late, and I still don't know why. That didn't make me feel good. I could just imagine him all rushed and flustered, not good. The anestethiologist came in to talk to me and THAT was when I started crying. I just could not believe that they could put me to sleep, cut me and then I would wake up and everything would be ok. Because I was CLEARLY on the edge, she gave me a little something that just caused me to stop crying and I tried to just lay there. Suddenly the doctor was there, he came in to talk to us and then they were wheeling me away. Then I really DID start crying. I cried all the way into the operating room which was VERY scary looking with the lights and tubes and coldness. The nurses were joking with me and I was trying to joke back, but crying. I told the anesthia person that I wanted to wake up and he said of course, if not you ruin my whole day!  ... and then BAM. I don't remember anything else. The next thing I know I am sitting up, with an oxygen mask on my face - and they are bringing Conrad in. I have four holes in me and it's all over. That is a STRANGE feeling.

I don't remember much more of Monday. We got home, I made a sandwich. I apparently talked to all my parents and my boss - I laid down but then decided I had enough of that, so I came and sat on the couch. i guess the doctor told Conrad some post-op stuff, I don't remember it. I don't remember the recovery room and all of us sitting around talking ... it's a giant blur. I don't remember much of it. 3 pain pills.

Tuesday was a lot of sleeping ... 3 pain pills

Wednesday was the WORST day by far. I was sick - I was sore- I could barely stand. I tried to stay awake and watch TV or read but I kept drifting off and I'd wake up in a weird position and it would be hours later. EVERYTHING hurt- and I just wanted to cry. I had that headache you get when you lay around too long. I was bored and lonely - and ready to just get back to life. Wednesday was a bad day! Just 1 pain pill at bedtime.

Thursday was better. I actually got in my car yesterday and went out for about an hour. I had small errands to run. Bank, gas station, etc ... I was SO ready to eat by then so I went and picked up some dumplings to take home. I was EXHAUSTED and it HURT to drive. You have to lean forward and look both ways, etc - it really took a lot out of me. I came home, and slept for about 4 hours. Just 1 pain pill at bedtime.

Today is Friday and I am just out of sorts. I am bored. I am tired of the TV- I'm tired of sleeping but I don't feel GREAT. When I stand up, that bellybutton hole pulls at me - ALL the holes itch. The house is closing in on me - I still can't lift anything so cleaning is impossible- can't bend over ... it will probably be about another week before I feel normal. I am not going to drive today - it took too much of me yesterday. I need to be ready for work on Monday. They SHOULD give you two weeks off (and they do say it could be 10 days to feel ok again and go back to work) but I honestly would go crazy with another week just laying around here.

Anyway, I lived - I survived and I am minus one gallbladder. That part feels FABULOUS. The queasiness is gone, the pain is gone, the being up all night is gone, the dull ache- gone, the bloat- gone ... so that part is AWESOME and I am GLAD it's gone .... but by do I feel like crap-ola!