Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kidney or Gall?

Friday morning- 1 AM ... I am BENT OVER in the bathroom thinking I am dying. I am crying, I am trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I get in the bathtub. I walk. I drink water. I wake up Conrad he tries to get me to go to the ER. I am in complete misery. I can't go to the bathroom and ALL I want to do is throw up and that's not happening either ... I was crying like a 12 year old girl - on the verge of hysteria because the pain would NOT STOP. Walking, sitting, laying - it didn't matter. Finally I drank a glass of water, curled up in a ball on my right side and fell back asleep about 4AM. It has been a miserable night and not such a fun workday.

So I went to the doc this afternoon because I am finally scared straight. Whatever it is is not going away. This is the third "attack" in four months. We're going at about one a month now, it's not indigestion ...

Doc examined. Verdict: It is either gallstones or kidney stones. At first they said gall (you were right Darlene). I have all the symptoms - back pain, tummy pain, right after eating bad food, late at night, burping, can't sleep - goes on for hours, etc ... then they took a urine sample - blood in the urine. Now they are at kidney stones. I guess they sort of mirror each other. Either way, I'm pretty miserable. I asked what other diseases presented itself with blood. She said bladder cancer, but she wasn't even going there ... she said it's not that. Ok.

They told me to drink water, with lemon - and eat RIGHT. I mean RIGHT - for an entire four weeks. I go back May 13th. If I go and there is blood in the urine- then we hit the urologist. If I go and there is no blood and I feel great- then I must have passed them. If I go, blood is gone but I am still having attacks, then it's gall - I am to get a sonogram and then probably surgery. How fun.

Getting older is NOT fun. NOT.

Also I am convinced as one of my coworkers said- all this working out has stirred up something. It's like I'm purging toxins from the inside out. All KINDS of gross stuff is happening. I must have been full of poison.



Beverly said...

Had my gallbladder out a few years back. Worst pain imaginable. After experiencing them herself, my doctor said gallstones made kidney stones and childbirth seem like a walk in the park.

I sympathize. Deeply.

I find it odd that they're making you wait so long before having surgery. I was told on a Friday (following an immediate ultrasound): "Your gallbladder should have been out yesterday." Doctor scheduled me for surgery on Monday (3 days later), sent me home with massive amounts of pain killer, and told me to hit the ER over the weekend if I had an ounce of pain.

Best of luck to you. The good news: Haven't had a bit of pain since .... :).