Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Defensive Driving

It was determined the accident in December was my fault. I still maintain it was NOT.

There is nothing like getting the scare of your life, being hit at well over 30 miles an hour. I was hurt, scared and confused. I had my cell phone but the accident had blown the battery off the back of it- I found it under the brake. Anyway- it took me like ten minutes to get over the shock and even to be able to figure out how to operate my phone- so I could call Conrad.

Back to the story -- so there's nothing like being in shock, bruised and somewhat bloody and having some JERK cop come over to you and hand you a ticket. I told the cop I did not admit any fault and he made me sign it anyway. Now I'm stuck with the ticket and I have until April 20th to take a Defensive Driving Class or I have to pay the Harris County Sheriff's Department ANOTHER $200 on top of the $110 I already had to pay for the court fees.

So I may go this weekend. Not sure yet. It's just going to one big day remembering the day of the wreck.