Monday, March 17, 2008

Retraction and Weekend

First of all, Happy Monday and Happy St Patty's Day to you all!

Second of all, you can go into my Comments section on the last post. My good buddy, Jeremy corrected me on my Derek Zoolander quoting... Jeremy, if you know him, is the Movie King and MIGHT, I mean just MIGHT know more quotes from films than any human I have ever known. Despite that, I still love him.

Alrighty then- well this weekend was FABULOUS! We had such a great time. Last summer, in the sweltering heat, when we would take naps and wake up drenched in sweat and ten pounds lighter, we decided it was time to buy solar screens for the house. They are great.... they conserve energy, make the house darker and really keep it nice and cool- and oh, did I mention MAKE THE HOUSE DARKER?! Oh man... I told Conrad the other day, I think they're making me depressed! For awhile, I was leaving for work in the dark, driving home in the dark and then on the weekends, sitting at home in the dark. It was REALLY getting to me ... so this weekend I was out and about!

On Saturday morning I got up and hit my first garage sales of the year. Major score! I got a new Paris picture for the house and all kinds of really neat finds... I found a giant serving bowl that was very Eastery and springy ... and some brand new photo frames for $.50 each and those will come in handy when we start framing wedding pictures for the parents .... and then that afternoon, I had my hair done. If you all know me from my younger days, you know I have very dark hair- but over the years I've highlighted the heck out of it and it's really now very blonde. So slowly this gal has been helping me get back to my "roots" so to speak. It looks great... it's more brown now than blonde and I'm very happy with it. Then I came home and we grilled hamburgers.

Sunday we got up and headed to Old Towne Spring which is a great little shopping area. We got some lunch and then headed to this antique mall were I scored a Southern Living Cookbook from 1968 for $3! That was quite a find- I bet the desserts in there are fabluous and speaking of that, I also made a Carmel Apple Cheesecake from scratch, for Conrad.

We also found the time to replace the knobs on the cabinets in all the bathrooms and laundry room AND hang a ceiling fan in the new guest room. It was a completely fabulous weekend... I enjoyed every minute of it and am looking forward to the long weekend in four days!

I haven't felt so relaxed and refreshed in forever.

And big thanks to all of you who have sent in your RSVP's ... keep 'em coming... I think we're down to something like 40 days out. It's really getting to be a lot of fun now!



Barrie said...

I'd like to hear more about the solar screens. I think we need them.

Glad you had a great weekend.

Jess said...

Wow, that does sound like a fantastic weekend. If mine hadn't also been great, I'd be jealous.

Barrie said...

Thanks for the screen info. I think I actually saw some today in a coffee shop! What a coincidence.